Hunter Hiker Jac Shirt

by AnonymousIsm

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Combining various features of work wear, military wear, and outdoor wear, CORONA's shirt jacket series is based on the concept of "more than a shirt and less than an outerwear".
This shirt is based on a high-class dress shirt and incorporates the details of a fishing jacket, and is the predecessor of the "COMBAT HIKER JAC SHIRT".

The design has two pockets of the same size on the armpits, and the center of gravity of the shirt is in the center, so even if there are things in the pockets, it will not interfere with movement and is very comfortable to wear. .
The left sleeve has a "watch cuff" with a watch-shaped cuff to make it easier to see the watch without lifting the sleeve.
In addition, the underarms are made of a mesh material that allows for easy ventilation.
It's a shirt jacket designed for outdoor use that can be lightly put on, but it feels as fulfilling as an outerwear.

French linen canvas is used for the fabric.
It is a comfortable shirt with a linen drape that fits the wearer's body.

<Material> 100% Linen

<COO> Japan

Model wear size M : 5.6ft


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