2T Desert Slacks

by AnonymousIsm


This is an easy pants version of CORONA's classic pants, #CP026 2T DESERT SLACKS.
It has a loose fit and is very easy to wear as it tapers straight from the thick wading at the front with two tucks to the hem.
These pants are modeled after the US ARMY 2-tuck chino trousers, and can be worn like slacks and incorporated into a variety of styles.

The fabric is CORONA's original denim, which is based on 1930'S US ARMY denim, with threads thinned to the limit that retains the original texture of the denim, and woven with high density.
Although it is thin, it has a strong sense of firmness and body, and the fabric does not get tired and maintains the product's original silhouette.

  • Origin : Japan
  • Material: 100% cotton

Model 5.5ft wearing Size Medium


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