Book - IDEA #299 Uchuu Misaki Blues Nobuo Otake + Edit.35

by Anonymous Ism



Idea No.299/July 2003 issue. A selection of works related to music, such as sketches, paintings, installations, and records, that Shinro Otake has been creating since he was a boy. Otake's own band 19/JUKE, artwork and performance scenes for Puzzle Punks with Yamataka EYE, and the majestic figure of Dabhira, an automatic guitar player, as well as Mina Aoe, Bob Dylan, Jimmy Hendrix, Kraftwerk, etc. Many paintings with motifs of musicians are posted. There are some scratches and dirt on the cover. The condition of the text is similar to its age.

Year Published : 2003

Book making : Soft cover

Pages : 234pages

Size :  295×225×20mm



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