Hemp Utility Basic Pants

by AnonymousIsm


Made of original fabric with a mixed ratio of 80% cotton, 10% hemp, and 10% recycled polyester.

The fabric is well-woven and has a unique firmness and suppleness that gives it a refreshing feel.
A mix of cotton, which has excellent texture and strength, and hemp, which is characterized by its moisture absorption and quick drying properties.
Furthermore, by adding a polyester material with excellent water repellency
It is an item that can be used in a wide range of outdoor scenes.

The waist is a nylon belt with a buckle that can be detached with one touch.
It is comfortable to wear loosely with room around the waist,
The tapered silhouette from below the knee to the 9/4 length gives a clean impression.
A timeless basic design is attractive.


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