Jungle Easy Slacks

by AnonymousIsm


These pants are based on the 1960s US ARMY Jungle Fatigue Pants, and are the core item of the brand.

It has a very classic design that many people recognize, and it inherits the "minimum functional beauty" that does not add anything unnecessary as battle dress pants.
The side cargo pockets have a slightly smaller size balance and are positioned as high as possible than usual.
By doing so, the center of gravity of the entire pants rises when worn, and even though it is cargo pants, it looks neat without being unfashionable.
It has a moderately loose tapered silhouette that is never too thick, and the knees are tucked to create a silhouette that is unique to the brand without losing the look of military pants.
In addition, the easy pants design enhances the feeling of daily wear and allows you to relax and wear it.

The waist buckle uses V-BUCKLE from FIDLOCK, Germany.
The strong magnetic force provides a sense of stability, and it is very easy to fasten and unfasten.

In the summer season when tops are lighter, you can enjoy coordinating with light feet such as sandals and sneakers.

BLOCKS is a fabric called BLOCKS, and it is woven at high density using fine count and 80 count combed threads (those that are neatly trimmed by removing fluff at the thread stage) for the weft.
The fabric is dyed with a bat dye with good fastness, and is dyed and post-processed using a continuous dyeing machine that is not normally used for nylon blend fabrics.
By doing this process, the uneven expression peculiar to cotton nylon fabric is finished to a flat and beautiful surface.


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