Nagisa Knit

by AnonymousIsm



-YASHIKI is a Japanese knit brand.
Every season, the designer develops a collection with a story that is constructed based on the landscape of the heart of the designer. The knitted fabrics made by skilled technicians and the patterns inspired by the natural scenery are unique and very high quality.

<Story of  Nagisa Knit>

-Imagined the shoreline where the waves were white and bubbling.

The jagged pattern represents the waves crashing against the summer sun, and the pattern in the center of the body represents the sand crests created by the waves.
The finely uneven knitted fabric on the sides of the body and sleeves represents white bubbling waves and sand and pebbles washed away by the waves.

Using a technique called plating knitting, which knits different threads on the front and back stitch sides,
The thread on the back, which can be seen faintly on the front, gives a deep look.

In order to give a soft impression when the shoulders fall when worn, YASHIKI homages the classic kimono pattern and finishes it, and the neck has the image of a matching collar like when wearing a kimono.
The cuffs have the brand icon [Aya] pattern.

-100% Cotton

-Made in Japan

 Men's Model height  : 5'84
*wearing size 2  

 Women's Model height  : 5'44
*wearing size 0  

  SIZE (Inch)
Size 2 3
LENGTH (N.P) 27 1/8 28 3/8
WIDTH (CHEST) 24 13/16 25 9/16 
SHOULDER 25 1/4 26
SLEEVE 7 7/8 8 1/4


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