Cable Knit OGC Socks

by Anonymous Ism


-Organic Cotton

-90% Cotton 8% Nylon 2% Spandex.

-Made in Japan

-One size best fit 23-26cm feet, approximately US women's size 6.0 - 9.5


Made from 100% organic cotton thread. This cotton is a sustainable material. (Organic cotton) Made with cotton thread that is environmentally and human-friendly and made without the use of chemicals. The entire sock fabric is reinforced with ultra-fine elastic threads to prevent tearing and reduce the feeling of tightness. The sock body is woven into a noble gothic rope pattern, and the elastic opening has a soft design that makes it easy to wear for long periods of time. The rubber pattern is off-white and woven to look like a neat collar, resembling uneven soccer fabric. The white part of the rubber opening can be folded back like a collar for a cute look. The seams of the toes are stitched one by one using a method called hand linking. The fabric is flat so it doesn't feel bulky.


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