Combat Hiker Jac Shirt

by AnonymousIsm


This shirt is a unique CORONA item that incorporates the pockets of a fishing shirt from the 60s into a fatigue shirt from the 60s.
A perfectly boxy silhouette with a loose fit and short length.
The design has two pockets of the same size lined up under the armpits, and the center of gravity is in the center of the shirt, so even if there are things in the pockets, it won't hinder your movement, making it very stable and comfortable to wear. .

In the 1960s, civilian outdoor and workwear manufacturers were manufacturing uniforms for the U.S. military, so this item is a product of imagination, and it may be that such a shirt actually existed.

The fabric is buffalo check made of alpaca blend wool.
It is characterized by the soft and light texture of the curly alpaca blend.

  • Origin : Japan
  • Material : 50% WOOL 28% POLYESTER  17% ALPACA  5%etc

Model 5.5ft wearing Size Medium


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