Tetsukon - Elemense

by AnonymousIsm

鉄紺 “Water”: Awakens the sense of determination as tough as iron and kindles clarity as pristine as spring water.

[ key notes ] bergamot / violet / cedarwood / agarwood

tetsukon is inspired by the “Water” element. The bright and citrusy scent of bergamot shifts to that of dainty violet, followed by the cedarwood tone that is layered with the valiant tone of agarwood.

The fragrance of incense is best enjoyed from a little distance.

[ Component ] Machilus dry bark powder, perfume

[ Box size ] 65 x 170 x 20 (mm)

[ Content ] 40 incense sticks and incense stand

[ Burn time of one incense ] Approximately 30 minutes


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