by AnonymousIsm


This item is a standard vest with a completely original design from THE CORONA UTILITY, which is shaped and designed based on a military jerkin vest.
A "jerkin vest" is an old military cold-weather vest designed to be worn over a jacket, etc.

It has a full zip front with a stand collar, and uses a 2-way zipper that opens and closes at the top and bottom, taking into consideration the length of the garment. It allows for a variety of movements even when the zipper is closed.
It features an elongated silhouette that covers from the neck to the waist, and makes use of the original "Jerkin Vest" for cold weather.
It is a utility vest that can be used as both outer and innerwear, and can be used in a variety of ways depending on the wearer's mindset.

Another topic for this vest is the "BEACH CLOTH" fabric used.
We recreated it as our own original textile based on the ``Beach Cloth'' winter workwear textile from the American company BROWN'S, which no longer exists.
A knitted cloth made of worsted yarn and cotton yarn densely double woven using a 9 gauge warp knitting Russell loom.
The front side is made of cotton wool with a knit feel, and the back side is made of brushed wool in a pile shape, making it highly resistant to the cold.
Due to the high density knitting, the fabric is tightly woven and sturdy.
It is stretchy and creates a unique three-dimensional feel that is unique to knits when worn.

  • Origin : Japan
  • Material: 65% Wool 35% cotton

Model 5.5ft wearing Size Medium


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