by AnonymousIsm


1960s US military cotton satin utility trousers, the origin of FATIGUE SLACKS.
"UTILITY SLACKS" is a representative item of FATIGUE SLACKS that fully incorporates the characteristics of "utility trousers".

This item features a simple design with a high degree of perfection, with only the necessary minimum details such as a large front patch pocket that is easy to access and two back pockets with flaps.
Although it is military pants, it has a strong side of work pants, and it is a style that has been used for a wide range of purposes from field battles to work, and is a design that is easy to incorporate into daily wear.

Military pants that can change the impression depending on the textile without being influenced by the times, and can be incorporated into many people's styles.

The fabric is a reproduction textile of the back satin that was used for US military field jackets in the 1950s.
It features a moderate thickness and a stiff and washed atmosphere.
This fabric is sulfide dyed and mercerized before dyeing to facilitate dye penetration.
By doing so, the vague color peculiar to sulfide dyeing is finished, and the fastness is enhanced.


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