Waffle Bath Towel- 2pcs Pack

by AnonymousIsm


Waffle Bath towel made with 100% Organic Cotton.

  • 100% Organic cotton
  • Size : 27.5inch x 51.0inch
  • Made in Japan

Made in Imabari

Imabari has led the towel industry for 120 years as the mecca of towel production.
The area has established its position as a representative of Japanese quality with its “safe, secure, and high quality” products.
The towels’ softness and good water absorbency have especially gained popularity in exhibits abroad,
and its name is recognized around the world.

A Standard for Ensuring Quality.

Imabari towels undergo their own quality inspection. For example, "5 second rule". When a piece of towel is floated in water, does it begin to sink within 5 seconds? This is one of the quality standards set independently by the production area in order to guarantee "water absorbency", which is the most important feature of Imabari towels. Only products that meet these standards can bear the Imabari Towel brand mark.


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