Artifact_0003 Parfum 5mL

by AnonymousIsm



Artifact_0003 is a narrative of awakening. It prompts to embrace the possibilities of new beginnings, indulge in the sensory pleasures of the natural world, honor the wisdom of experience, and find balance in the interplay of nature and human endeavor. Artifact_0003 is an exploration of our own sensory perceptions, finding joy and enlightenment in the tapestry of existence.

Top Notes

Peach Nectar

  • Rose harvest

Heart Notes

  • Black peppered cinnamon

  • Mint

  • Patchouli tree moss

Base Notes

  • Bergamot

  • Aged wine

Contain : 5ml
Spec      : Spray

[About Museam Apotheker]

Museum Apotheker is a design venture established on the principles of architectural rigor, elemental harmony, and eternal grandeur. Museum Apotheker aggregates historical, artistic, and cultural interests to impart a visual and aromatic commentary on modern luxury.


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