Book - 10 Illustrator

by Anonymous Ism



Introducing the works of 10 illustrators who were active during the Showa and Heisei eras. Contains a wealth of illustrations in both color and monochrome by K2 (Seitaro Kuroda, Hironori Nagatomo), Yosuke Kawamura, Haruo Takino, Shiro Tatsumi, Yuito Nadamoto, Nobuhiko Yabuki, Harumi Yamaguchi, Teruhiko Yumura, Akira Yokoyama, and Makoto Wada. The preface is by Yasuhisa Yazaki, and the composition and binding are by Ikko Tanaka. There are scratches, discoloration, and dirt on the cover. The condition of the text is average.

Year Published : 1980

Book making : Soft cover

Pages : 178 pages

Size : 340×260mm


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