Navy 2 Pocket Shirt

by AnonymousIsm

$192.00 $320.00

This navy 2-pocket shirt is one of the standard shirts along with the #CS001 navy 1-pocket shirt, and features a classic look with 2 pockets with flaps.

Based on the US NAVY CPO shirt, it has a large chest pocket, a thick placket, thick sleeves with sword rags, and high sleeves, making it a slightly rugged navy-like shirt.
It has a slightly larger width and thicker sleeves, giving it a relaxed silhouette overall.

The fabric is the standard blue chambray that has been used since the first season of the brand in 2006.
The warp is rope-dyed and woven using an old-fashioned power loom for light cloth.
By using a power loom, it is thin but remains firm and stiff even after washing.

<Material> 100% Cotton

<Origin>Made in Japan

Model wear size Medium : 5.6ft


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