by AnonymousIsm


<The brand name comes from a traditional Japanese festival called Chagu Chagu Umako. Based on the concept of "LEATHER-COMFORTABLE-PRODUCT," we select soft leather that eliminates the image of traditional leather such as hardness and difficulty in wearing, and create patterns that take care of the space between the human body and the leather. . We have a lineup of leather items that are suitable for everyday life, mainly shirts.>

A regular collar shirt made of high quality leather that is between dress and casual. It features pockets along the side seams and a relaxed silhouette that is perfect as a layer. The leather is British sheep leather with a thickness of only 0.6mm. This thinness makes it lightweight and flexible to wear. Furthermore, the matte texture of the nappalan finish on the surface creates a modern and urban atmosphere. Another appeal of Nappalan processing is that it suppresses the luster of the leather and brings out the original texture of the material.

  • Regular Collar
  • Pockets on both side and on chest
  • Cotton fabric lining for comfortable to wear



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