by Anonymous Ism


SIZE 41 - 45 for Mens
SIZE 38 - 39 for Womens

Introducing a new color to the popular KNOCK among pg products. This model is a new KNOCK that is equipped with KING-TEX, a waterproof and breathable membrane in the liner for the first time in PG, and has improved waterproofness and moisture permeability, allowing moisture to escape from inside the shoe. The FREELOCK system is still intact in the vibram sole for trail running, and has been updated to a pair that is typical of PLAYGROUND. This shoe is more stylish and modern than the previous model, which had a classic look.

  • Vibram sole for trail running
  • Waterproof lining (*Due to its waterproof spec, the liner (inner fabric) is thicker and may feel tighter than regular models.)
  • Freelock for easy wearing on and off
  • Cow Suede

Since the designer see many sneakers, go through many sneakers, and own many sneakers, There are things he found. Taking advantage of this knowledge, they are developing the original sneaker PG with a unique perspective of PLAYGROUND paying respect to traditional designs and functions. It is a product that combines rational design, comfortable performance.


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