Shiraiki Vest

by AnonymousIsm



-YASHIKI is a Japanese knit brand.
Every season, the designer develops a collection with a story that is constructed based on the landscape of the heart of the designer. The knitted fabrics made by skilled technicians and the patterns inspired by the natural scenery are unique and very high quality.

<Story of  Shiraiki Vest>

-Shiraiki Vest (white breath)
I imagined the night sky, silent and cold, with only the white breath visible.
The plain jersey knit in the center of the body represents the silent night sky, and the pattern on the side represents the white breath that quietly disappears.
It can be worn either under outerwear or over a shirt or cut-and-sew.
The buttons are made from natural black pearl shell. These buttons are beautiful with each one having a different expression and an elegant rainbow-colored shine.

-100% Wool

    -Made in Japan

     Model height  : 5'84
    *wearing size 2  


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