by AnonymousIsm


CORONA's standard item featuring a 50's vintage fishing jacket as daily wear.
The 12 large and small fishing pockets are a convenient detail that allows you to separate and carry small personal items without the need for a bag.
The fully boxy silhouette, which has a wide body and hem width and a short length, is a very relaxing size, and can be worn easily over a T-shirt for a simple style.
The fishing jacket I used as a sample was designed by an outdoor manufacturer that was a US military contractor around the 1950s.
Although it has an impactful look, it is never unnecessary flashy and has something similar to military wear.

We use an original textile woven based on the fabric of the 1940'S US ARMY mountain field jacket, commonly known as the "mountain jacket."
Made of ultra-high-density gabardine made of 80 count double thread, it is thin but has just the right amount of firmness, and is characterized by a slimy texture and a glossy feel.

  • Origin : Japan
  • Material : 100% Cotton

Model 5.5ft wearing Size Medium


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