Suvin Gold Cotton socks

by Anonymous Ism


-Suvin Cotton

-90% Cotton 8% Nylon 2% Spandex.

-Made in Japan

-One size best fit 23-26cm feet, approximately US women's size 6.0 - 9.5


Socks knitted from the finest Indian cotton. We use the phantom cotton "SUVIN GOLD". Among the cotton produced in the world, only 1.5% is high-quality cotton called extra-long staple cotton. Among high-quality cotton, we use ``Subingold,'' which can only be harvested at about 0.05%. The cotton called ``Subin'' is one of the top in the world. Among the Subin, the first and second picked cotton is ``SUVIN GOLD''. Subingold is made from the highest quality cotton and has a beautiful silk-like luster and supple texture. Because it is harvested by hand, the fibers are not damaged and the yarn is of high quality. Experience the shine and feel of the phantom cotton that you have been searching for for many years.


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